Zhang Xuewu, Chairman of China National Travel Service Group Corporation, Visited Sanya International Duty-Free City with His Delegation


 On April 21, Zhang Xuewu, Chairman of China National Travel Service Group Corporation, Jiang Yan, General Manager, Li Gang,Deputy General Manager and Zheng Jiang, Assistant General Manager and other leaders visited Sanya International Duty-Free City to listen to the work report and inspect the site of Hexin Island Project and the duty-free city.



The work report meeting was chaired by Peng Hui, general manager of CITS. Jiang Biao, general manager of CITS (Beijing) Investment Development Co., Ltd. reported the planned construction of Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of Haitang Bay Project, Liu Jing, general manager of Sanya Duty Free Store cdf, reported the operations and management of duty free business.

At the meeting, Zhang Xuewu pointed out that, according to the requirements for deepening reform of central government, CTS(HK)Group merged and reorganized with CITS, establishing China National Travel Service Group Corporation, which will achieve the development goals of “First in China, Excellent in Asia and First-class in the World” during the 13th Five-Year-Plan period.
Zhang Xuewu spoke highly of the duty-free city project due to the following three reasons: first, it owns the development concept of ‘world vision, international standards, and first class in China’; second, it’s led by innovation, breaking through the tradition; third, it may create obvious benefits. He expressed a hope that all the employees may summarize experience and learn from each other so as to achieve common development goals.
Zhang Xuewu gave a high recognition of the past work of CITS (Beijing) Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Sanya Duty Free Store cdf, hoping that the management team could make efforts to guard against arrogance and rashness, and putting forward requirements for the future work.
First, promote the precision marketing through meticulous management, further enhance sales and improve profitability; second, strengthen the construction of information, strengthen business data analysis, improve marketing ability and mine e-business potential; third, strengthen the training to the marketing skills of front-line business personnel, so as to improve the level of marketing comprehensively; fourth, strengthen the planning management of project, cost control and bidding management; fifth, further strengthen party building, implement the spirit of the instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping, in the national state-owned enterprise party construction work meeting, carry out the "Two Studies, One Action" education, strengthen the ideological education and the construction of anti-corruption, do the work of the Communist Youth League, and encourage staff morale, retain people with compensation and emotion, and reduce staff turnover.
At the meeting, Jiang Yan fully recognized the duty-free city project, and said that the duty-free city project embodies the first-class planning ability, high standard professional ability and strong execution ability, the "Three Abilities" are worth learning in the whole industry chain group.
Jiang Yan stressed that tourism and duty free are the most important business of China National Travel Service Group Corporation, the group will go all out to build a world-class tourism complex.
The personnel who accompanied the visit include the concerned leaders from the division and office of the scenic plate and cruise of the group and strategic development department, the relevant leaders of CITS, CITS (Beijing) Investment Development Co., Ltd. and other related personnel from CITS (Hainan) Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Sanya Duty Free Store cdf.