CDF's 2017 Working Conference was Held Successfully in Beijing



 CDF's 2017 working conference was held successfully in Beijing on February 28, 2017. Li Gang, Deputy General Manager of China Tourism Group, Chairman of CITS Group and Chairman of China International Travel Service Corporation Limited, Peng Hui, General Manager of China International Travel Service Corporation Limited, Li Renzhi, Party Secretary of China International Travel Service Corporation Limited, and Xue Jun, Deputy General Manager of China International Travel Service Corporation Limited attended the conference. Other attendants included the members of CDF's leading team, some executives and employees of the headquarters, and the representatives of the subsidiaries. 


Chairman Li Gang pointed out the direction for CDF's strategic development and the development of China's tax-free industry from a strategically advantageous position, and made explicit requests for CDF's efforts to create a new chapter. He said: "Being aware of the situation, CDF should not only see the achievements on the A side of the coin, but also see the hidden danger on the B side and identify the market positioning. The root causes of CDF's problems include the failure to infuse the 'customer-centric and market-oriented' concept into blood and action and the lack of core competitiveness. CDF should specify its responsibility and mission. Under the leadership of the new leading team, we should unite as one and work together to change the dream into reality by changing the working methods and promoting the reform with firm confidence, cohesion, the determination to 'cut a wrist ', and the gust to 'survive in impasse'". 

General Manager Peng Hui earnestly hoped that CDF should "firstly, effectively improve understanding of its problems and shortcomings; secondly, really ensure the effective implementation of the reform; thirdly, strive to achieve the business indicators; fourthly, do a good job in risk prevention and safe production". 

Chairman Chen Jianshan conveyed the theme of the 2017 working conference of China Tourism Group and China International Travel Service Corporation Limited He said: "In addition to effective study and implementation of the conference theme of competent authorities from top to bottom, CDF must correctly understand the essence of the conference theme of the Group and the joint-stock company and create an atmosphere for all-member study. Under the leadership of the management, we must forge ahead and integrate the conference theme into both ideology and action by taking effective measures." 

General Manager Chen Guoqiang gave a report titled "Seeking Survival in the Reform and Striving for a Leap based on Innovation by Forging ahead and Making a Self-breakthrough" at the conference on behalf of the leading team of CDF. He said: "Despite the complex and variable external business environment in 2016, under the leadership of the Group and the joint-stock company, CDF took the initiative to adapt to the new normal economic development trends, rose to the challenges, actively overcame many negative factors, and put on a good performance in terms of both revenue and profit. However, we should clearly know that CDF's current core competence is still unable to support the long-term corporate development. Under the great survival and development pressures, we need to know clearly about our deficiencies and the situation. Feeling of shame is close to bravery. We should constantly reflect on ourselves and know clearly about ourselves, so that we can achieve rapid progress and development, and ultimately make a qualitative leap. The year of 2017 is a key year to CDF's '13th Five-year Plan' and a critical period to the realization of the strategic objectives. With the main work of 'restructuring, promotion of transformation, and changes of models' and the theme of fully deepening corporate reform, CDF should pay close attention to business transformation and upgrading and strengthen the control and construction, so as to focus on the enhancement of core competencies. Besides, CDF should make a plan for the work in 2017 based on the overall strategies of 'one development cornerstone', 'three business segments', 'five core competencies', and 'one guarantee mechanism'". 

Wang Xuan, Party Secretary of CDF, presided over and summarized the conference. He said: "This is a timely and progressive conference, at which we further enhance our understanding, unify our thinking, and make clear the focus of the work. All attending representatives should seriously study and implement the conference theme and put it into practice after going back." 
Through the conference, all attending representatives reached a consensus and clarified the direction for future efforts. In 2017, all CDF members should have the courage to make changes and face challenges by adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "working as a team and daring to change professionally and efficiently without fear of difficulties". Let's make best efforts to carry out the tasks and create CDF's new glory this year.